Sunday, 13 August 2017

COBE001: Press Play on Pad: The Demoscene Disc

Various Authors
ISO and Cover: Cobe
Menu: Earok and Cobe

This one's a little bit different for a number of reasons!

Cobe has assembled a cracker compilation of 32 demoscene productions on a single disc - almost all AGA titles such as the remarkable Nexus-7 by Andromeda, but also a few classic OCS demoscene productions as well (notably, State of the Art by Spaceballs).

What's more, the disc will by default play demos in a random order, making it a perfect "virtual jukebox" for the CD32. If there's a specific demo you'd like to watch, all you need to do is (as the title suggests) hold down the "Play" button when the console is booted.

The complete demos list:
  1. nexus-7
  2. love
  3. friday at eight 3
  4. achallamahalla
  5. among the living
  6. arte* 
  7. extension 
  8. quite unusual
  9. interference 
  10. fullmoon
  11. cream
  12. despair
  13. state of the art* 
  14. futuristic mind
  15. hardday
  16. kid
  17. desert dream* 
  18. pee wee
  19. real 
  20. breath of the muse
  21. hardwired* 
  22. lech 
  23. gevalia 
  24. the prey
  25. wit premium
  26. enigma* 
  27. dove
  28. bosnisk metall 
  29. jammin'
  30. syndrome
  31. in a world of ascii
  32. panta rhei

                                                              *using cd32load by jotd
                                                              Arte slave by Wepl
                                                              State of the art slave by Wepl
                                                              Desert dream slave by BlackWine
                                                              Hardwired slave by Mr.Larmer & Wepl
                                                              Enigma slave by BlackWine

                                                              Content warning: The disc includes nudity as well as coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised.

                                                              Download for CD32

                                                              Sunday, 6 August 2017

                                                              004: Turrican Anthology

                                                              Factor 5 / Rainbow Arts
                                                              Uses: CD32Load by JOTD, WHDLoad by Wepl. Slaves: T1T2, T3, Super Obliteration (Easter Egg)
                                                              Cover and select screen: Steve
                                                              CDXL Intro: Derived from the Turrican 3D Trailer and Motion Reel, using Charles-Henri Avelange's Heavy Metal remix of the Turrican 1 Title.
                                                              ISO Master and control fixes: Earok

                                                              A complete revamp of the previous anthology release, now all three games feature seven button CD32 pad support - almost all functions are on discrete buttons, including "Jump" on the Blue/Forward buttons for the first time.

                                                              Turrican 3 in particular receives a significant gameplay boost, in that the "rope" mechanic can be activated or deactivated at will without a charge up time.

                                                              Select and control screen

                                                              Exclusive intro